Fire Gin Korean Ginseng Drink



Our product has been shown to improve sexual performance in men and women without any side effect. A 2020 study shows that the special ingredient inside our drink also improves sexual performance in women with menopause without any side effect.

@Improve Blood Circulation
@Decreases Stress Level
@Strengthens Immunity
@Gives You More Energy
@Boost Your Metabolism
@Promotes Healthy Skin Glow
@Treats Impotence
@Treats Diabetes
@No Alcohol & No Caffeine



Improved Sexual Performance in Men and Women Without Any Side Effects.

According to an official website of the United States government, the special ingredient in this drink has been proven to improve sexual performance in men and women.

Even the study in 2020 found that the special ingredient also improves sexual functioning in women with menopause without any side effects.

Source: The United States National Library of Medicine and the United States National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Distinction must be made between the Korean Red Ginseng and the Siberian Ginseng or American Ginseng. These are different plants and serve different needs.

The Korean Ginseng plant must grow to 5 years before it’s used for medicinal purposes. That’s why high quality Ginseng can command a high price. It takes time to grow the plant and is often scarce in the market.

It boosts the immune system which improves the health of the body generally including the sex organs and glands.

It improves the health of the heart which is vital to improving your sexual performance.

It treats diabetes, helping the body to break sugar effectively.

It increases energy which is vital in doing well on bed.

It reduces stress which is the number one reason some men do not last long on bed.

It cures impotence and erectile dysfunction


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