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Free calls only to all Airtel lines in the same CUG Group  24/7 and we all pay N500 only per month
Both new and existing Airtel lines can join
We can port your mobile number from other networks into Airtel so you don’t need to change your phone number

On the Checkout Page, kindly list the correct phone numbers to be enrolled in this CUG, separated by commas in the box titled “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” Call 08030995457 if you have any issue

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Join our CUG Group and make free calls to all Airtel lines in the same CUG Group for free 24/7 and we all pay N500 only per month

It works only within Nigeria. Regular charges apply if you step out of Nigeria

FAQs for this Product

Do I need to pay cash now? No! You will be notified as to when to load your line with N500 and you would be given a code to dial in order to pay for the service. What you are doing now is to register your interest and authorize us to configure your line in preparation for the CUG service.

How do I pay the monthly N500? You can load a recharge card and dial the code that you will be given.

Will I be able to call all Airtel lines for free? No! You will only be able to call for free those Airtel lines in this same CUG. To call other Airtel lines not yet in this CUG, you will need to load recharge cards.

Will I be able to call other networks? Yes, you will be able to call other networks at standard charges and would need to load call credits

Will I be able to use the line for data browsing? Yes, you will be able to load recharge cards, buy your data bundle at normal Airtel prices and your data connection would work perfectly.

Can I still roam the line when I travel outside Nigeria? Yes. You can roam the line at standard Airtel terms and conditions for roaming services. But CUG would not work once your line leaves the shores of Nigeria

What are the call charges? Airtel to Airtel (outside the CUG) = 17k/sec; Airtel to Other Networks = 30k/sec

What are the SMS charges? Airtel to Airtel = N4; Airtel to Other Networks = N4; Airtel to International = N15

What are charges for international calls?
A. N10 for (Fixed Lines) USA, India, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia,Thailand, and Switzerland
B. Other International Destinations = standard rates apply

Can I still get other bonuses from Airtel? No. This is the ultimate bonus so we do not participate again in other bonus packages from Airtel

Can I call a member who has not paid his N500 CUG fee? No. Both the callers and receivers must be on the plan and must have paid their N500/month


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