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At Heroes & Heroines Capital Ltd, we build, operate and sell online marketplaces, sales funnels, sales videos, tutorial videos and render digital marketing services.

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A multi-tutors e-learning marketplace. Tutors can sign up. Students can sign up, take courses for free or paid, take tests, take final exams, and a certificate of completion is generated by the platform



A combination of a physical school and an online school where all lessons are held in physical classrooms and via zoom and students and teachers can login from all parts of the world. Multi-school Management: Enquiries, Admissions, Academics, Transportation, Library, Accounts, Events, Staff, Parents Login, Students Login, Appointments Booking, Follow up automations, inventory automations, school canteen, uniform shop, etc




A single instructor online course platform where students can take self-paced courses and quizzes, can leave questions for the instructor, book a session with the instructor and hold meetings with the instructor via zoom and Google Meet.



A Nigerian business directory with more than 50,000 listings covering Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and more than 300 business categories. It has a free, monthly paid and yearly paid options.



A multi-vendor ecommerce platform with Aliexpress dropshipping licence, an affiliate registration and management portal, a facility for vendors to add staff, add delivery persons and control what they can do.



A multivendor real estate listing platform with mortgage calculators, property request menu and a section for property in need of partnerships



A multi-lender loans reviews and brokerage platform with a loan calculator on ever post. Each loan examines the lender, the eligibility, the loan limit, the interest rate, the maximum tenor, the security required, the documentation required and the approximate approval time from application.



A multi-vendor food order and delivery platform for restaurants specializing in native foods of the Calabar and Akwa Ibom People. It has facilities for vendors and for affiliates.



A multi-vendor print-on-demand platform where customers can design their t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, sneakers, etc. printers and designers can open their shops and sell their designs.



A matchmaking website



A local service finder platform for medical professionals.



An ecommerce website for a sports and fitness shop

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About Xavier Effiong


  1. I worked with Futureview Financial Services Ltd as Northern Regional Manager and as of the time I left I had gotten them Issuing House mandates worth N102billion. I introduced them to the use of cooperative societies, e-commerce and investing in U.S equities.
  2. I worked with Maven Assets Management Ltd as pioneer branch manager in Uyo, and in five months, we generated enough income to recover the entire setup cost of the branch, the salary of all staff for two years and contributed a substantial income to head office.
  3. I worked with BGL Securities Ltd as investment analysts where I introduced the MTN over-the-counter trading desk that generated about $6million to the company on a yearly basis in addition to hundreds of millions of naira in deposits mobilized.
  4. Leaving BGL, I was able to get an N800million (income) deal with Akwa Ibom State government for Heroes & Heroines Capital Ltd.
  5. I have the contacts of more than 10,000 Abuja residents including 70 senators and 350+ members of the House of Representatives and have led a team of telemarketers on cold calling and building relationships with strangers.
  6. I’m pushing myself to work 80+ hours/week consistently.
  7. I am a self-taught website builder and can build the following automations provided the website was built on WordPress.
  8. Need Discovery Automation using online Quiz. Sample is on https://ibomestate.com
  9. Ecommerce site building. Sample is on https://utakomarket.com
  10. Sales presentation automation using webinars, sales videos and sales funnels
  11. Follow up automation using prescheduled conditions via emails and sms
  12. Customer Service Automation using online support desk
  13. Appointment booking automation
  14. Payment integration via Paystack and Flutterwave
  15. Paid Referral Automation
  16. Events Planning Automation
  17. Capital Raising Automation via customized crowdfunding setup on client’s site
  18. Webinars’ automation
  19. Contests & Giveaways Automation, etc.
  20. In part time real estate sales, I was mentored by Emman Asuquo & Associates (a team of real estate surveyors and valuers). I was mentored by Mutual Alliance Savings & Loans Ltd on how to structure federal mortgage loans for developers and for off-takers to facilitate the purchase of homes. The highest price I have gotten for a single property sale so far has been N240million and it was N60million more than the owner wanted. The property was at Asokoro, Abuja.
  21. I was also mentored by the developers of Shelter Afrique Housing Estate in Uyo on how to access housing development loans from Shelter Afrique in Nairobi.
  22. I have taken the online training of expert sales/real estate trainers like Grant Cardone, Mike Ferry, Tom Ferry, Tom Hopkins, Greg Harrelson and Patrick Bet-David. I badly need an opportunity to put the lessons to use.
  23. I have the contacts of a few very high net-worth individuals and hundreds of other higher-level middle class people.
  24. I’m creative enough to create transactions out of the dreams or problems of any prospect I meet.
  25. At the moment, I’m learning Chinese, Spanish and French languages to expand my sales capacity especially online to international clients and foreign companies.
  26. My outstanding skill is investment opportunities/risk mitigation research and the ability to gain the trust of, and sell to the rich.

My published book: Spend Less, Earn More – (a guide to personal financial management loaded with Nigerian cases and ideas working in Nigeria)


Details of Tertiary Education





Google Digital Skills for Africa

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing



Google Analytics Academy




Google Adwords

Google Ads Search



Google Adwords

Google Ads Display



Google Adwords

Google Ads Video



Google Adwords

Google Ads Shopping



University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

B.A Philosophy

1st Class


Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome

B. Phil – Philosophy

1st Class



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HHCL Group

Web Development & Digital Marketing

2022 – Date

Futureview Financial Services Ltd

Northern Regional Manager

2020 – 2021

Heroes & Heroines Capital Ltd

Head of Business Devt.

2010 – 2019

BGL Securities Ltd

Securities Sales

2009 – 2010

Futureview Financial Services Ltd

Branch Manager, Uyo

2007 – 2008

Maven Assets Management Ltd

Branch Manager, Uyo

2006 – 2007

Options Securities Ltd

Securities Sales

2005 – 2006

ET & T Stockbrokers Ltd

Securities Sales

2002 – 2005